Island Park,  New York,  United States


Island Park is a city located in Fremont County in the state of Idaho. The area is known for its wildlife, beautiful mountains, reservoirs, streams, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, camping, great fishing, hunting, boating, and water skiing. In summer it is an ideal destination for those who love to practice the above mentioned and in winter its landscapes are dressed in magic to offer postcards like out of a dream.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Island Park

Enjoy this beautiful cabin located only 30 miles from the entrance to West Yellowstone Park with 8 guests. It offers several outdoor sports such as fishing, kayaking and hiking, as well as a hot tub where you can relax after a long day of exercise.

Mountain Life Cabin, Island Park

An ideal place to be close to the mountain and let yourself fall in love with the wonderful landscapes that this place offers to its visitors at any time of the year, located only 20 miles from the Yellowstone, it can accommodate up to 1people, rooms with whirlpool tub included to relax after having doneth exciting outdoor activities that can be performed there.

Aspen Heights Cabin, Island Park

Surrounded by beautiful pine trees is this nice cabin that has 5 rooms distributed in such a way that can accommodate 10 guests perfectly comfortable, with special views of the landscape that encloses it, located just 20 minutes from Yellowstone National Park is the perfect place to spend a weekend with the family at any time of year and enjoy the wonderful scenery offered by Island Park and its surroundings. The hosts present us with a unique and very typical decoration of the place.

D&J’s Cozy – waterfront, Island Park

Cabin located waterfront, which promises unforgettable moments for those who visit it. Its internal spaces are fully adequate to provide a comfortable and cozy stay and outside, enjoy the small dock on the way to the water, roast a marshmallow with the warmth of the campfire and practice the different outdoor sports offered by the place. In summer sunbathe and refresh yourself in its waters and in winter use the water as a toboggan run.

Henry’s Lakefront Cabin, Island Park

located just 15 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. A small cabin offers accommodations for 12 guests, with simple decor but spectacular views from any space in the cabin and outdoor amenities such as unlimited dock and fire pit enjoyment. Cook up the burgers while watching your group of guests sail away.